As a disclaimer, this list doesn’t necessarily mean music released in February 2014; it’s just a reflection of what I’ve been listening to.  Without further ado!


Early adopters of the post-rock genre, Mogwai have been a high-output act for years. They’ve mastered the difficult balance of releasing albums with distinctive elements yet maintaining a proper “Mogwai-sound” throughout. RAVE TAPES adds some electronic elements to the band’s sound, as well as a fun vocodor in “The Lord Is Out of Control.” RAVE TAPES is perfect work music.

Damien JuradoBrothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Damien Jurado is one of those artists that have orbited on the periphery of my conscience for years. Every year, it seems as if a previously ignored artist cuts through the noise. Damien Jurado might do it for me this year. Where previous after haven’t resonated properly with me, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son hits the right note. “Silver Timothy” is a psychedelic highlight from an excellent record.

Bombay Bicycle ClubSo Long, See You Tomorrow

So Long, See You Tomorrow is percussive and catchy in all the right ways. Even though Bombay Bicycle Club have made a career of simple-but-catchy indie tunes, this album brings some production depth to the table and it’s a welcomed addition.  “Carry Me” and “Luna” are highlights.

William FitzsimmonsLions

In his recent efforts, William Fitzsimmons hasn’t been able to reach the pinnacles of his early records. In fact, his melancholy whispers seem to fit best with sparse instrumentation. Even though some tunes are sparse, Lions follows the recent trend of added instrumentation, especially with the first single, “Fortune.” Lions has its moments and I’ve enjoyed listening, but it feels a little more-of-the-same from Fitzsimmons.



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