Film Review: Roma


Roma written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Esperanto Films, Participant Media, Netflix, R, 135 min) Starring Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cortina Autrey, Carlos Peralta, Marco Graf, Daniela Demesa, Nancy García García, Verónica García, and Jorge Antonio Guerrero. The World Spins Madly On In consideration of the deterministic nature of reality, we often note that the world spins madly on. In the face of intense despair and grief. In the moments of bliss and joy. Beneath it all, the world continues its motion, arcing through space consistently plummeting toward the sun in a gravitational pull fast enough to slingshot by year after year. But, from our lowly vantage, the world doesn’t appear to spin, definitely not madly on. It… Read More →

Album Review: The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hands

The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand by Matt Pond (BMG, 2013. 36 minutes) Since 1998, Matt Pond has recorded 8 full-length and 8 EP records with a wide variety of collaborating musicians. Sound Is Brand There comes a time for any musician when he or she must decide on a sound. Music, as an avenue for creativity, can be represented in a panoply of sound. On any given day, a musician could write a folk song, a rock song, a techno song, even on orchestral piece. But imagine a record with such a wide variety of tunes. It wouldn’t feel complete; it might even cause frustration as it jumps around without rhyme or reason. Bluntly, sound is brand…. Read More →