Queer Eye: Season 1 created by David Collins (Netflix, Scout Productions, ITV America)

Starring Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness.

The World Needs More Bobbys

As men and women, young and old, press forth attempting to accomplish more than their forebears, a drastic shift in productive work marks our culture.

What we once could only accomplish with our hands—blood, sweat, and tears—now we proceed through knowledge work.

Who needs a pair of hands when you have an idea?

Well, that idea still needs a pair of hands to execute on it. And, Bobby brings back that pair of hands.

The New Fab Five

The hoi polloi will put Bobby at the bottom of its Fab Five rankings; he’s always too busy to get much screen time. But his work is important. That’s why he’s my favorite.

He’s no Antoni, skipping around and tagging along on endeavors from other members of the Fab Five, waiting until the last day to teach the makeover-ee how to make a grilled cheese or a hot dog.

He’s no Karamo, waxing poetic on personal brand and blending pop-psychology into a life affirming message. It’s important to love yourself, and it means all the screen time. But, are we all really sure that a properly defined personal brand actually increases your well-being?

He’s no Jonathan. And look, Jonathan is great. He is fully himself, always. His quips are the gold that spins the crowns of Gay of Thrones. But he also just needs to shave a few whiskers here and there.

He’s also no Tan. And I recognize the value on teaching people how to wear something that goes rather than something that matches. Getting someone to acknowledge that they can wear something better designed is a valuable task. But he’s no Bobby.

There’s Only One Bobby

Only Bobby renovates and designs someone’s apartment or house in 3 days, bringing together every element of the person’s unique personality to portray the best of the subject’s identity. Bobby, you’re the glue! We never see Bobby because he’s too busy making dreams come true.

The world needs more Bobby.

Verdict: 4 out of 5



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